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Sugar gliders Thu, Dec 15, 2005
A sugar glider "is a small arboreal marsupial that is found in the forests of Australia, as well as in Tasmania, New Guinea, and the neighboring islands of Indonesia. This little creature is a member of the same order that includes kangaroos, opossums, wombats and Tasmanian devils!"  I found out about them from this website.  It said, "What do Sugargliders look like mid-glide in your living room, when you least expect it just as you place your Thanksgiving Turkey on the table? Why this, of course!"

[Image: sugarglider.jpg]

Custom license plates (2) Thu, Dec 15, 2005
To get a custom license plate for your car in New Jersey, you have to pay $50, plus the normal registration and other nonsense fees.  So you'd think people would only get custom plates that said something meaningful or worthwhile.  Instead, I see things like "G WIZZZ" and "FRAU".  I'm assuming "Frau" is a reference to Frau Farbissina, the short-haired, fascist lesbian from Austin Powers.  If that's the case, I've made my point. #travel