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Weather.com obscurity (1) Mon, Nov 07, 2005
Add this to my endless criticism of the worst website on earth:  weather.com.

I would venture a guess and say that the purpose of weather.com is to provide information about the weather.  I'm not so sure the owners of the site/service understand that.  Look at their link structure for hourly and weekend (and other) forecasts: 


Among their many "activities" are health, travel, driving, events, etc.  And then there's the "other" category.  What do you think is in that category?  Who knows?  Maybe it's sports, food, and TV.  And then there's another "other" category.  Here you might find things like bugs, violence, hopscotch, and oh yeah, weather.  Weather is one of the things in the "other" category of the "other" category in the "activities" category of WEATHER DOT COM.  Perhaps, now bear with me here, maybe, just maybe, by some amazing stretch of the imagination, they could have "weather" as one of their main focuses, since, ya know, their site is called weather.com.  WEATHER.com.  Not information.com.  Not every-topic-on-earth.com.  WEATHER.com.  Let's focus on weather, ya big buncha idiots. 

Oh, and while I'm at it:  maybe they could make weather retrieval slightly easier.  When I enter in the name of a city and only one option comes up in the search results, automatically display the weather in that city.  Don't give me the option to go to that city or not.  If I searched for it, I want to see the weather.  It wasn't just a search to see if that city exists or to see if weather is recorded in that city.  Idiots. 

Starting now, one of my lifelong dreams is to buy weather.com, remove all the stupid ads and junk and spyware, and offer it as a free service.  People would love me so much, I would probably become the most important human of the 21st century. #technology

Perpetually Unfinished Thu, Nov 17, 2005
to e-mail and say hi (and I will repay her by replying eventually, really!). See? Be like Shara.  Also, it's goddamn cold and windy in Chicago today. The temperature is 26 degrees, but the wind chill is 12. The wind is 23mph, gusting to 32mph. (Thanks,Weather.com!) It's really no fun.  Okay, when I start talking about the weather, I think it means it's time to stop. (Also, I make too many parenthetical statements.)

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