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Productive Fri, Sep 30, 2005
My boss at my old job used to say that he wouldn't leave his desk unless he had at least 3 things to do.  That way he would maximize his productivity.  Like he wouldn't go to the bathroom unless he had 2 other things to do along the way.  That sounded kinda crazy at the time, and now it sounds absolutely absurd.  I didn't know if I'd eventually become like him, but now it looks like I definitely won't.  I'll leave my desk for the sole purpose of finding something to do.  I don't need a reason.  I'll come up with one. 

I used to do the whole "I'm important because I'm carrying something" thing at work.  I've found that it's extremely successful in all working environments.  Just get a clipboard or a folder with some papers and carry it around with you.  It always looks like you're doing something.  It's better than that person who walks around with nothing in their hands.  It looks like they're just walking around to find someone to talk to or to use the bathroom (unproductive). 

Every job I've had is all about "milking" (some say "melking") a job so that it takes longer than it needs to.  That's just how things work.  Some days will be really busy, but other days will be completely void of work.  So you have to learn how to "pace" yourself, i.e. work slow enough to eat up a bunch of time, while still keeping the appearance of being productive. #business

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