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Cars are expensive Sun, Sep 11, 2005
Isn't it weird that cars are ridiculously expensive?  In 1991, my dad was looking around for a new car that was less than $10,000.  He found one, but it only had 3 wheels and was powered by a lawnmower engine.  Actually, it was a stripped down Toyota Corolla.  Not a bad car, but it seemed like it was slightly overpriced.  And you'd have to kill a person to get a car for less than $10,000 these days.  And the part that I don't get is why these prices aren't going down.  I mean, the whole idea of mass production and outsourcing and manufacturing things overseas is to make things cheaper.  And I understand that cars are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be, but shouldn't this technology be cheaper for the same reason?  But then I figured it out:  watch TV for 2 seconds.  The first thing you'll see is a car commercial.  Hmm.  Keep watching TV.  Then look at the newspaper.  And read some magazines.  And go to a concert or a pro sporting event.  What do you see?  Car commercials.  Sponsorship.  Advertising.  Try to watch a half-hour TV show that doesn't have a car commercial.  Go to a movie and see if there isn't a truck commercial.  Open a magazine and see if the first page isn't an article for the newest Ford or Chevy.  This is why my car is so stupidly expensive.  It's not expensive to pay some foreigner to design and build my car.  It's just a computer with some wheels and a device that makes its internal combustion engine extremely inefficient (conspiracy theory).  What makes it expensive is the billions of dollars spent on advertising the SUVs made by the same company that makes my car.  Hooray for SUVs!  (Actually they advertise my car just as much, but I have to blame-shift somewhere.) #entertainment

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