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Cop cars Mon, Sep 05, 2005
I think all white cars and all Ford Crown Victorias, Mercury Grand Marquis, Chevy Impalas and the like should be outlawed.  There's nothing worse than being followed by one of these cars, the whole time thinking that you're gonna get pulled over in a few seconds.  Your heart is racing.  You're trying to figure out what illegal things you did in the past few minutes.  You're thinking about how easy it seems to outrun a cop.  You could just make the next turn and turn off all your lights and duck down so they can't see your head.  But then you remember all those police chase videos you've seen.  They never get away.  And then you think of all the excuses you could use to get out of a ticket.  "I'm kind of glad you pulled me over.  I'm completely lost and have no idea how to get home."  "Everybody else was going that fast, and you chose to pull me over?  That's so unfair."  I even get nervous when I pass them on the highway.  I'm thinking should I be passing a cop?  But then I realize it's just some old geezer that likes driving cars the size of boats.  Thanks a lot, geezers.  I needed that mini heart attack. #travel