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Blinker Tue, Jun 28, 2005
"Hey you, turn off your stupid blinker!"  How many times have you screamed that while driving behind somebody with a blinker problem?  I'll never understand how this happens.  Well, actually it happened to me once.  I had my blinker on and made a turn.  About 27 feet later, I realized that my blinker was still on, so I turned it off.  The reason I realized it is because I looked down at my speedmeter, something I do quite regularly.  And it's not just the speedometer that I look at.  I look at the gas gauge to see when I need to fill up next.  I look at the tachometer (RPM-o-meter) to see how much I'm pushing my engine.  I look at my odometer to see how far I've gone since the last time I reset it.  My point is that I look at my dashboard display quite often.  The opposite of this seems to be the malady that plagues many [dumb] people.  I've driven behind people who have their blinker on for miles, for hours at a time.  What does this tell me?  They're completely unobservant when it comes to their car's performance and vital statistics.  Their car could be engulfed in flames and they wouldn't realize it.  Don't they hear that ticking or see that light blinking?  Apparently not.  So here's my solution:  all car companies should start making a device that turns off a car's blinker after a certain amount of time, say 60 seconds.  Sure, this might cause you a problem if you're waiting for more than 60 seconds at a traffic light, but who cares.  But to fix that, the device should only work when the car is moving.  Bingo!  Solution!  And since cars these days are nothing but a computer and a gas tank, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to add a line of code that says if (car_is_moving) AND (blinker_time = 60), then (turn_blinker_off).  And for those "legacy" cars, there should be an addon device that does just this.  And it turns out that one exists:  BlinkerOffThis page talks about this idea too. #travel

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