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Forward Mon, Jun 27, 2005
Hey everybody, listen up.  This serves as an announcement.  You know those cutesy little things you forward me all the time?  They're all lies!  Please never forward me anything!!!  Please check Snopes before you forward anything!  Don't ask me to sign some petition that'll be sent to President Bush (link).  That doesn't happen.  Rat urine found on soda cans has never killed a person (link).  You will not receive a prize from Bill Gates for forwarding an email (link).  Forwarding an email will not help raise money for cancer victims (link).  That satellite photo that shows the NYC blackout of August 2003?  It's a hoax (link).  Forwarding an email won't and can't cause a video clip or really funny thing to popup on your screen (link).  I fell for it back in 1999.  Never again! #technology

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