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Same old Fri, Jun 24, 2005
I just went to Quizno's, one of the best sandwich places on earth, and instead of getting my usual Spicey Monterey Club, they conned me into a Black Angus Steak Sandwich.  They offered it and showed me the picture.  They got me.  I always order off the picture menu.  So I ate it, but it wasn't that good.  Actually, it was kind of bad.  I was very unimpressed.  So once again, I've reaffirmed my already strong opinion:  I don't like to try new things.  Most times I try new things, I'm sadly disappointed.  Why do I have to try new things?  Why can't I just stay with my usual status quo?  I like my status quo.  If I was unhappy with my status quo, maybe I'd branch out.  But I like my Spicey Monterey Club, my vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, my hot dogs and hamburgers and other American food.  Screw you for thinking less of me when I don't try new things.  I'm better off this way:  I'm disappointed less often. #food