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Reply all (3) Wed, Jun 22, 2005
Oh man.  This kills me.  I work at a place that uses a lot of emailing lists.  I get 20-30 useless emails a day that are sent to a list which I neither signed up for nor can unsubscribe from.  They basically unsolicited though they're internal.  And somehow, oh somehow, there's at least 1 idiot per day who clicks on "Reply to All" instead of "Reply".  How is this possible?  Do these people have any semblance of intelligence?  I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots.  They double click on links in web browsers (you only need to click once); they keep referring to this anomaly called WordPerfect (though it hasn't been in use for a decade); they say "fire off an email" (where'd that come from?); they open up attachments in their own emails before they send them (because "sometimes they don't go through"); they call the computer people when they have computer problems (ha!).  Oh the list goes on.  Somebody just did a reply-to-all.  So this is what I sent to him:

I've randomly chosen you as the person to answer my question:  when you responded to the original email, how did you "Reply to All"?  Did your mouse slip, making you click on "Reply to All" or did you just not realize you clicked it?  I'm serious here; I can't figure out how people do this.

(No you don't know me)
Who knows, maybe I'll get a real answer and everything will make sense.  Maybe I'm overlooking some very simple reasoning behind this phenomenon.  Or maybe I'll get fired. #technology

Dave Wed, Jun 22, 2005
Here's John's answer:

To be honest, I wanted to replay soley to [John Doe] and [Jane Doe] and inadvertently forgot to delete the [Company] All address, after hitting the Reply All button.  My apologies.

Sounds made up to me.  It's definitely not a good explanation.  Is that the excuse of every other idiot that does this?  "Oops I forgot"???  Come on, think of something better than that.

Mike Wed, Jun 22, 2005
Well, obviously he wanted to "replay soley"...That explains it.

BTW, easy on the computer guys...

YDNEW Thu, Jun 23, 2005
Harsh...I can't believe you sent that email. Guts, man.

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