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Music (1) Mon, Jun 20, 2005
It must be an easy life for people who like stupid music.  They just turn on the radio and listen to whatever worthless nonsense is being broadcast.  "Ooh Jay Z!  Sweet!" ... "I love Ricky Martin!  I wish this song was on all the time!"  Idiots!  You just eat whatever's fed to you!  Try to have an original thought!  Develop a "taste" for music.  Don't say you like "anything" or "whatever."  That's so stupid. 

[This angry post stems from my (and Mike O's -- comment on this, I know you read it) judgment of people based on their taste in music.  (I know this isn't nice, but it's how it is).  An easy way to classify people is to ask them what type of music they like.  The most common and typical answer is "I like everything," which actually means that they only like rap and pop.  Therefore, they get tossed aside into the "I like everything" category to remind us to not talk about music with this person anymore, seeing that they'll just regurgitate the meaningless drivel that pours out over radio waves.] #entertainment

Mike Wed, Jun 22, 2005
So that IP address coming from Boston has to be me huh? What else do I have to do besides google everyone I know...

It is true, the "I like everything" population is on the rise.

Looking through a person's CD Book or MP3 list is absolutely a good indicator of personality.  But, obviously it can be misguiding. We know some people who like "good" music and could come up with a better answer than "Whatever" but they approach unbelievable levels of annoyingness.  But, it is still a better indicator than what clothes they wear, etc.

Somebody has to have done a "study" on this...

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