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Blogger, baby Thu, Mar 24, 2005
As an update to a previous post, I'm no longer using just plain text for my website.  Sorry.  I recently decided to start using Blogger to post to my blog.  It has a setting that automatically publishes to my website and I can even control the formatting and stuff like that.  So I just went through the process of copying and pasting all the blog stuff from my website into Blogger.  This way, if I want to change styles at some point, I can just change the style from within Blogger without having to change every single friggin entry in my blog.  Some may say that this was a big waste of time.  Absolutely right!  Anyway, Blogger also has this thing where you can email postings to a certain address that you set up, and it automatically posts to your blog.  Amazing stuff here.  I'm impressed.  But as for the rest of my website, it's all still plain text. #technology

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