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Mozilla Thu, Mar 10, 2005
On the technology front, I'm so impressed with the products put out by Mozilla.  With Firefox, everything's simple and free, and there's a whole bunch of addons (called extensions) that are also free, made by a bunch of computer geeks that write the code because they actually want the functionality, not just because it's "what the competitor does, but better."  Probably the best extension is called Adblock.  It finds ads and lets you block the images or scripts from loading.  This is ingenious.  Plus, Mozilla Thunderbird is the first email program I've used at work that could actually connect to Yahoo webmail.  Amazing.  I didn't even have to do anything.  This is why it's a great program.  It's just install and go.  I think that's what Apple's motto is, but I'd never drink anything other than the Microsoft Kool-Aid. #technology

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