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Religion, a crutch Fri, Dec 17, 2004
Some people say that religion is a crutch for the weak. I agree with them to some extent, except for the fact that religion causes more problems than it fixes. Christianity, for example, helps people deal with the problems of life by reminding them that there's an afterlife where all life's problems will go away and we'll be experiencing bliss with God (assuming you're saved). The thing is, Jesus also said that we should be perfect like God, we should offer our bodies to other people who want to harm us, and we should tell everyone about the saving grace that God offers. My argument is that if someone made this stuff up, they would have made it at least slightly more fool-proof. If you're gonna invent a religion, don't make it impossible to follow. Make it easy! This is why Christianity isn't an invented religion: it's got too many holes and doesn't exactly simplify life. Thank God for his grace, which allows us to still go to heaven despite our failing to live up to the perfect standard of Jesus. #religion

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