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Just do it Wed, Jun 30, 2004
Chapter 2 of Ezekiel is about God telling Ezekiel to go rebuke the Israelites.  He says a cool thing:  "You must speak my words to them, whether they listen or fail to listen, for they are rebellious." (2:7).  It's cool because I think it applies to other areas of life too.  I remember the contemporary story of God telling a person to push a stone that was at the bottom of the hill.  So the person did it night and day, but never moved the stone anywhere and was very frustrated.  But God comforted because He only wanted the person to push the stone, not move it.  This part of Ezekiel is similar to that because God tells him to talk to the Israelites, but don't worry if they don't listen.  In other words, we're told to do things despite their outcome.  The final result isn't our responsibility or worry, just the actions. #religion

Traffic laws are awesome Wed, Jun 09, 2004
So it appears that there's a cover-all New Jersey traffic law that says that the speed limit on any road where there is no apparent speed limit posted is in effect 25 mph.  This nice little convenient law cost me $88 and who knows, maybe some points on my license.  I thought about asking the cop if he enjoyed his job...if he enjoys ruining people's days and making them bitter towards law enforcement in general...if he takes satisfaction in bringing terrible news to people under the guise of "enforcing the law," "keeping our roads safe," "protecting us."  But I decided not to say anything. #travel

First one Wed, Jun 02, 2004
This is my first one ever... #technology