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Bad plumbing and electric Sun, Jun 27, 2021
I'm constantly surprised by how poorly electrical and plumbing projects are done by the average homeowner.  I'm no contractor, and I generally don't know how to do a lot of homeowner things.  But I know the correct way to hook up the hot and cold water supply lines for a faucet.  I know the correct orientation for a standard light switch should be "up = on".  I can tell by looking at an electrical outlet whether it's upside down or rightside up.  These honestly aren't difficult things to know.  It takes the same amount of time and energy to do it right or to do it wrong.  Some people apparently just enjoy doing things wrong.

Different answers Tue, Jun 08, 2021
I asked some coworkers a couple questions today; here are the responses: 

1.  "Let me look into that and get you an answer in a couple days."  This says the person doesn't know, will work on finding out, and will provide an answer.  The person received a request and has taken it upon themselves to do their job. 

2.  "I think that presentation from a meeting last month mentioned it."  This is a guess.  This person doesn't know, and they don't know that they don't know.  They didn't give me the file they were talking about, or even send me a link to it.  This person thinks they answered a question but in fact have done absolutely nothing. 

If you're gonna answer a question, at least answer the damn question.  Don't say something and act like your job is done.

Do not engage Mon, Jun 07, 2021
My new favorite thing to do (or not do) is to not engage with people when they bring up something political.  I guess I sort of got to the point where I realized everyone is probably a little wrong about everything, and no amount of information, discussion, persuasion, or argument will change anything.  So instead of stating a counterfactual when somebody brings up an obvious non-fact, I just don't say anything.  I let the fart hang in the air, as it were. #psychology