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Too many fail videos Mon, Mar 11, 2019
Things I'll never try because I've seen too many fail videos:  flaming shots of alcohol, hoverboards, exercise ball wars. #sociology

Criminalizing goodwill Tue, Mar 05, 2019
Some people got convicted and fined for leaving jugs of water out in the Arizona desert to help migrants likely entering the country illegally.  I get that we are a nation of laws and borders and by not respecting them our society will collapse.  But at some point it'd be nice to just admit that we're talking about human beings here.  Walking, breathing, thinking human beings with families, hobbies, ideas.  Oh, and they're not just on a walking tour of the southwest desert.  They're fleeing for their lives, from gun and gang violence and political instability.  Maybe we don't owe them anything, but could we at least not make it a crime to give them water? #politics