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Vaccination ruse Tue, Nov 25, 2014
In 2003, Nigeria boycotted a polio vaccine because they were suspicious of anything that came from the West, thinking America was trying to sterilize Muslim women and spread AIDS as part of the war on terror. 

In 2011, when America finally tracked down Osama Bin Laden, it was learned that the CIA used vaccinations in Pakistan as a ruse to find Bin Laden

After the Nigeria thing, we were like, "What a ridiculous thing to think.  We're just trying to help.  Why don't you believe us?" 

After the Pakistan thing:  "Oh." #politics

Do no harm Thu, Nov 20, 2014
I was thinking it would be kind of cool if there was something like the Hippocratic Oath, but for everyday life.  I was falsely under the impression that the Hippocratic Oath says "do no harm," but I was wrong.  Either way, I was thinking there should be an oath like that.  But then I thought, why not just exactly that?  Do no harm.  I feel like that perfectly sums up how to be an adult, a co-worker, a spouse, a citizen, a student, a human.  Do no harm.  Don't hurt people.  Don't cause pain.  Don't be abusive.  Don't be mean.  Don't cheat, steal, rape, kill, pillage, plunder.  Don't be a dick

I feel like a good starting point for introductory bipedal primate morality would be just that:  Do no harm.  Everything follows from that. #psychology

Right to die Tue, Nov 18, 2014
There's been some stuff in the news lately about a person's right to die, plus the obligatory condemnation of that idea by the religious authorities.  I'm not personally pro-suicide, but I think people should be free to do what they want with their own lives.  I think the Declaration of Independence should say, "Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness, and Death."  What greater freedom is there than deciding how to live your life, and by extension, how to die?  I realize suicide is a touchy subject, but this really isn't about suicide.  It's typically about terminal illness and allowing a person to regain a little dignity in a situation that depletes it.  Scott Adams has quite a bit to say on the topic, and I don't disagree with any of his points.  Overall, I think it's odd when people who aren't affected by something end up rallying against it.  You can think and feel what you want, but don't take away someone's freedom just because you don't agree with their choice. 

Related:  How to die. #lifestyle

Religious hate Thu, Nov 06, 2014
I was watching an episode of the Sopranos the other day, and some of the guys in the mafia murdered one of their own guys because he was gay.  The reasoning behind the murder was a combination of religious views and familial and/or masculine propriety, i.e. "It just ain't right."  I realize this is a TV show, and I recognize the fact that not all people who subscribe to a certain belief system take things to the same extent.  But I can't help but notice that religion created that hate.  The propriety side of it was simply an extension of the religion.  Remove the religion, and the hate has nothing to stand on. #religion