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Punch-top can Thu, Jun 21, 2012
Miller Lite came out with a punch-top can somewhat recently that adds a second hole to make pouring easier.  I don't disagree with the physics of this invention, but I have a few simple questions: 
  1. Was this really a problem that needed solving?  Do people struggle when pouring their beer from a can to a glass?
  2. Who pours beer out of a can and into a different container?  That's why beer comes in a small container -- so you can drink directly from it.  It's not like drinking from a milk jug.
  3. Who drinks beer out of a can?  I realize this is a little elitist of me, but I honestly don't know a single human being that drinks beer out of a can.
Either Miller is run by a bunch of idiots who like solving non-existent problems (see also their vortex bottles), or they're freaking geniuses.  Honestly, what are you gonna buy at the liquor store -- the regular old cans, or the cans with an extra hole for faster pouring? #products

Opinion consensus Fri, Jun 08, 2012
Movie critics who make top-ten lists of the greatest movies of all time consistently agree with other movie critics making those same lists.  Citizen Kane, The Godfather, etc. are always at the top of the list.  Knowledgeable people generally agree on the value of things.  But I find myself disagreeing with these people.  My opinion contradicts the consensus, which makes me feel like I'm in the wrong, because it would seem that at some point an opinion becomes as close to a fact as possible while still remaining an opinion.  Even if you disagree with the opinion, you can often look at something objectively and conclude, yes, this piece of art is objectively good and objectively valuable and, while I don't personally like it, I can understand how other people can like it.  (And of course, this is the same for music, books, etc.)  I try to make my opinion match the consensus, but that's a failed endeavor.  I can't convince myself to like Moby Dick, Casablanca, Bruce Springsteen, no matter how thoroughly I expose myself to them.  Either my opinion is wrong, or the consensus doesn't apply to me. #psychology