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WordPress 2.1 (1) Mon, Jan 29, 2007
I upgraded to WordPress 2.1, which I put off for several days because of fear.  There were a bunch of changes introduced in this new version, including autosave (as a welcome change to the semi-functional plugin) and spell check (not needed because of Firefox).  I immediately noticed a problem with my search results count as well as the PageBar plugin, so I'll be working on fixes for the time being. 

Update (2007-01-29 11:52am):  I've also been using this old hack of a plugin called Front Page Categories, and it did this weird thing where it showed a post for each different category it was filed under.  So for a post that was filed under "Links" and "News", the plugin made it show up twice on the front page.  For a post filed under "Funny", "Links", and "News", the post showed up 3 times.  Weird.  So I disabled it and will be working on a new way to restrict posts from a certain category showing up on the front page. 

Update (2007-01-29 3:36pm):  The Pagebar problem was easily solved by getting the new version.  The search results count was solved with two things:  New code and an updated and hacked Search Everything plugin.  The new code is as follows (from the support forums): 
$searchcount = new wp_query("s=$s & showposts=-1");
$resultscount = $searchcount->post_count;
And the hack for the Search Everything plugin can be found on Google Code as a reply to a current issue.  The issue is also mentioned in comments on Dan Cameron's website, so he'll probably be releasing a new version soon. #technology

Dan Mon, Jan 29, 2007
Would you like to be added to the Google Code project and either update the code or create a fork within our trunk? Just email me with your google username if so.

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