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NFL Network Tue, Nov 28, 2006
NFL Network sounds like a great idea.  I think it goes without saying that we as a country and as a human race need a TV channel devoted entirely to the NFL (I'm sort of kidding but also sort of serious).  I think the channel addresses a very real need/desire:  To have a channel that focuses solely on the NFL, day and night, all the time.  But I think it goes about this completely wrong.  It totally misses the point.  Instead of providing in-depth background information and analysis, it shows new "subscription only" games on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Whose idea was that?  Ok, maybe someone said, "We need football on more days during the week."  That's fine, but who came to the conclusion that these new games should be shown on an obscure channel that's only available to people who pay more money for it?  And what about people with Cablevision, Time Warner, or Charter?  NFL Network isn't available through these cable providers, so schmucks like me can't watch these special non-Sunday games.  This is quite possibly the stupidest idea to hit TV in recent years besides Dancing with Some C-List Stars or Skating with Celebrity Idiots

So basically, NFL Network is a great idea that's turned into a total failure.  Why offer premium content if half the people in the country can't access it?  Why have a channel devoted entirely to the NFL if nothing new or useful is really being offered?  My advice to Mr. NFL Network would be to change things around a bit.  Get yourself packaged with other normal channels like the Discovery Channel and the History Channel.  Offer a viable service.  Perhaps replay games 24 hours a day.  Or if you want to stick with the subscription gig, offer an NFL Network for every division or every team, and cover every game, no matter where it's played or where you're being broadcast.  That would definitely be in competition with the stupid jerks at FOX, CBS, and NBC, who only play the home team's game, and who don't play a game at all if the home team isn't playing. #entertainment

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