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Phlegm Fri, Oct 28, 2005
I can't stand it when people have phlegm in their throat and continue to talk.  It makes me sick.  I notice it more with older people.  I was recently talking to an older person who had phlegm in her throat.  No big deal; just clear your throat.  Nope.  She continued to talk as the phlegm jiggled around in her esophagus.  I could hear it almost come up into her mouth, but no, it just stayed there.  I almost threw up. 

My advice:  if you have phlegm, take care of the problem.  Clear your throat.  If you think it'll be disgusting for the people around you, leave the room.  Hack that stuff up.  Just stop talking with phlegm in your throat.  And if you clear your throat and phlegm gets in your mouth, don't make it obvious to the people around you.  Don't make a disgusted face or make that sound with your mouth that says, "Ew, there's something gross in my mouth." #health

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