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The man Thu, Oct 27, 2005
I used to like watching Family Guy.  But I think it's gotten more and more like South Park since it came back to Fox.  I'm not a fan of shows that exist solely to push buttons.  Fox has a lot of shows I don't like.  Fox is known for being very liberal and amoral.  Fox is owned by News Corp.  News Corp also owns HarperCollins, a book publishing company.  HarperCollins owns Zondervan, a company that publishes Christian books.  Zondervan publishes the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, one of the most widely spread and commonly accepted translations of the good book.  I read the NIV on a daily basis, as does almost every Christian I know. 

So to recap:  News Corp owns my Bible.  The company who puts out Fox News, the Simpsons, MADtv, Trading Spouses, and American Idol is the same company who owns the publishing rights for the Bible I read every day.  Scary. #religion

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