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Bathroom politics Tue, Apr 19, 2005
[Why does the subject of bathrooms give me so much to write about?]  I'd like to make a few little comments about bathroom politics.  Here at work, there are 2 bathrooms nearby.  One looks like a bathroom from a truckstop:  it's ugly, dimly-lit, is missing stall doors, has no urinal dividers, etc.  It's there to get the job done.  Nothing fancy.  The other bathroom is the executive suite.  It is home to big spacious stalls and nice clean urinals separated by dividers.  It has automatic sinks and toilets.  It has automatic air fresheners so that there's always a sweet smell of citrus.  It's beautifully lit and clean and nice.

Every time I go into the executive suite, it makes me realize how incredibly low I am.  I'm just a peon, a drone.  I have no purpose.  I'm unimportant.  I don't deserve amenities like urinal dividers and automatic flushers.  The average-joe bathroom should just be a hole in the ground.  We're lucky to even having plumbing.

Yet what I find extremely funny and ironic are these few little words inscribed on the executive bathroom stall door:  "Stinky poo poo".  How appropriate. #entertainment

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