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Drinkin Mon, Nov 22, 2004
About 2 weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to stop drinking, and I told my decision to Wendy who promptly agreed with me.  Here's why:  I claim to be a Christian.  The Bible talks constantly about drunkenness in a bad light.  In other words, we shouldn't be getting drunk.  My justification up to this point has been this:  What's the definition of drunkenness?  Is it when you have more than one or two drinks, or is it when you black out and puke?  To me, there's a fine line.  To the world, there's a huge gap.  This doesn't matter to me.  My problem is that I like drinking.  Like most questionable actions, drinking is fun.  I've almost never had a bad time when I was drinking, though there were a few times when I ended the night in a terrible way by throwing up everything that ever entered my body.  My enjoyment of drinking makes it so that I can't really have only one or two.  I want a lot.

In addition to this reason, there's the cover-all reason for doing or not doing everything:  Drinking doesn't glorify God.  Although it's cheesy and weak, it's true and I believe it.  If I really think about what honors God, that's when I realize what I'm doing that I don't like (and God probably doesn't like either).

So another reason is that, when I was a freshman, that was my thing.  I had sooo many conversations with people at frat parties and such, and sooo many of them started with them asking me, "Why don't you drink?"  At the time, I might not have followed up that question with a profound answer, but I realize now that it gave me so many opportunities for ministry. #religion