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Abortion tyranny Thu, Dec 02, 2021
Former Vice President Mike Pence said of abortion rights, "Americans are ready for an end to the judicial tyranny of Roe v Wade."  I'm not sure he understands what the word tyranny means.  Merriam-Webster says tyranny is "cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others."  Roe v Wade doesn't force people to get abortions.  You can easily and rightfully go your entire life without getting an abortion.  Being able to get a safe, legal abortion is not tyranny; forcing a person against their will to carry a pregnancy to term ... literally is. #politics

Politics age limit Thu, Nov 18, 2021
I 100% think there should be a maximum age limit of, say 70 or 75, for all representative political offices, Supreme Court appointments, and whatnot, regardless of political party and regardless of success rate or popularity.  And NOT because old people are crazy or too old to think properly, but simply because old people are completely unrepresentative of the population at large, both in terms of culture and interests, but also in terms of population statistics.  There are more toddlers in America than there are people over 75 years old.  Octogenarians should not be deciding how to spend tax dollars or creating new laws. #politics

Double-dip usage Tue, Nov 09, 2021
I like when I can use something for two purposes.  My job requires me to write code, and Python is one of the languages I've been using lately, which is great because I also use that in my personal time.  Similarly, YAML is a "data serialization language" that works well with things like Python, but it also has the added benefit of being human-readable, so I've been using it for note-taking and whatnot. #technology

Acid reflux foods Thu, Oct 21, 2021
This list of food and drinks that can trigger acid reflux is literally, and I'm not exaggerating or joking in any way, my literal entire daily diet: 
  1. alcohol
  2. caffeinated products, such as coffee, soda, and tea
  3. chocolate
  4. citrus fruits
  5. garlic
  6. fatty foods
  7. onions
  8. peppermint and spearmint
  9. spicy foods
What I am supposed to eat?  Water and rice cakes? #food

Ignorant Donald Tue, Oct 19, 2021
I've felt for a while now that Donald Trump's fatal flaw and saving grace is that he's woefully ignorant.  There were some pretty serious accusations hurled at him while he was president, and I honestly think he just didn't know better because he came from a life of privilege and heavy-handed yet questionable business practices.  He didn't know you couldn't sell products while you were the president.  He didn't know a presidential candidate isn't allowed to work with a foreign government to interfere in an election.  He didn't know you couldn't force a state to come up with additional votes for you to try to win an election. 

Considering the litany of terrible things he did, a lot of people view him as this evil criminal mastermind who wanted to disrupt the status quo and cement his power and legacy forever.  I just think he was a dummy.  Or more accurately, he was ignorant -- and ignorant in the literal sense of the word, meaning he literally didn't know. #politics

3126 Tue, Oct 19, 2021
It's 2034, a brown-skinned transgender queer immigrant is president.  All citizens are required to lay facedown for the national anthem.  College tuition not only no longer exists, but students are paid to attend school, starting from daycare.  All citizens are paid a living wage by the government.  Corporations no longer exist.

3125 Tue, Oct 19, 2021
What's worse: Identifying the source of all your problems, or the fear that eliminating that source still won't make you happy?

3124 Tue, Oct 19, 2021
I feel like professional football is too skill based.  It used to just be about power or speed or size.  Your team had a big guy that was bigger than the other team's big guy (Jerome Bettis).  Or you had a fast guy who was faster than the other team's fast guy (Barry Sanders).  Now everyone is just so ridiculously good at what they do, they're so well-trained, well-prepared, well-coached, it's nearly impossible to over-power or outrun the other team. #sports

3123 Tue, Oct 12, 2021
I think it should be acceptable to say, "I said and/or thought a thing a while ago, and I no longer think or feel that way."  People should be allowed to change.

Girus Tue, Sep 07, 2021
Here's a weird video about giruses (giant viruses) with this terrible quote: 
Most Giruses we've found so far hunt amoebae and other single-celled beings.  When they find a victim, they connect with it and use its natural processes to enter the cell.  Like all viruses, their goal is to misappropriate the victim's infrastructure and procreate.  Imagine a mouse crawling into your mouth and using your guts and bones and fat tissue to build a mouse factory.
No. #science

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