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Kittatinny roundup part 2 (9) Mon, Nov 21, 2005
Myspace found Jesse Lippert, Paul Reisen, Debbie Cooper, Girl named Rosalyn who's marrying Jared Simpson, Pete DeWit, Vanessa Scavo, Anthony Ur (works down the hall from me), Justin Goudey, Tim Soja, Jerry Empirio, Melissa Vidam, Will Reed, Trish Barna, Julie Motyka, Melissa Egge, Krista Anderson, Steve Goytil, Rich Derbyshire, and Lauren Carbonaro.

Google found Shara Celi.

Kittatinny roundup part 1 #sociology

Jesse Lippert Sun, Apr 02, 2006
So yeah - so you took the effort to find me and post about it on your website and you didn't even take the time to say hello. I mean I guess that is cool because you saved us the akward - hey man, how are you ----- oh I am fine, so how are things ------ followed by no response. So you may be asking yourself how did I find you - well I googled myself and found this website so there that is . . .  so anyway hello.

Dave Sun, Apr 02, 2006
Hi, Jesse.  Lots of people find this site by Googling themselves.  Nothing to be ashamed of.  Everybody does it.

Kristin Seiger Mon, Jul 17, 2006
I totally googled myself too and found this!  Took me a few minutes to fig out what i was looking at but i got it!  FYI...we need to change my last name to Gates : ). 

PS hey man, how are you???

Dave Mon, Jul 17, 2006
Hey Kristin Gates!  I'm never really sure if people are gonna say, "Hey you found me.  How are you?" -- or -- "What's wrong with you, you psycho freak?  Why are you stalking me?"  So it's good to hear some people are somewhat ok with me doing this.

Britt Wed, Jul 19, 2006
Whoa, I think Kristin and Chris deserve a whole entry to themselves for the crazy treasure hunt stuff.  That is by far the most interesting story yet about random former classmates.  (Congrats on the wedding!)

Shara Wed, Jul 19, 2006
I agree!  They even have their names in Wikipedia under A Treasure's Trove.  hehe.  I want my name in Wikipedia!

Dave Wed, Jul 19, 2006
At first, I had no idea what you were talking about, but then I searched for it.  A Treasure's Trove & Wikipedia

Shara Thu, Jul 20, 2006
I didn't know what Britt was talking about at first either, but then I googled Kristen and all this stuff about A Treasure's Trove came up!

Kristin Thu, Oct 12, 2006
ha ha. you guys are so funny :) unfortunately we don't get anything till Dec of 07.  i guess we do still have some "mini-celebrity" status!  it's been so strange to answer my cell phone and have a reporter from the NY Times or People magazine be on the other end...and we were so lucky to be able to be on The Today Show with Katie Couric doing the story- so surreal!!!  He has another book out as of last month...this time there are 200 prizes all over the world...just be ready for it to take over your life :) i guess big things can happen to small town people after all!  Hope all of you are doing well, can't wait to see everyone again!

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