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Richard Santillo (1) Thu, Aug 25, 2005
I found you, Richard Santillo!  You're on some sort of physics page on the College of New Jersey website.  I went to high school with Rich and had pretty much all the same classes as him.  He was a weird guy.  He had very stretchy skin.  But he was really smart and would've been first in the class if it wasn't for that whole National Honor Society debacle. #sociology

Rich Santillo Wed, Sep 21, 2005
And I found you by reading Britt's blog!  That physics page is the issue of the department newsletter from my graduation.  In the graduation picture, see the brunette standing next to me in the center?  Her name is Morgan and we've been engaged for almost a year! 
p.s. I still have stretchy skin, and will still occasionally demonstrate its wonders to the curious...

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